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Footwork And Bowling Accuracy

By:, 10/22/16

As a player with a 160 or less bowling average, or perhaps a new bowler, it is important to know footwork and bowling accuracy are directly linked.

There are two main component of good footwork, tempo and walking path direction.

Here are several tips for establishing reliable footwork which, in turn, leads to improved accuracy:

*Walk at an evenly paced tempo and rely on swinging the bowling ball to help you slightly accelerate your steps.

*If you walk too slowly and overly cautiously, speed up your steps by increasing pace with successive steps.

*If you walk too quickly, walk heel-to-toe each step leading into your sliding step.

*On your sliding step, smoothly glide into the approach floor with the ball of your sliding bowling shoe first contacting the floor leading your entire shoe to sliding evenly on the floor stabilizing your motion so you remain balanced when delivering your bowling ball.

*Controlling the pace of your steps is greatly helped if you develop good body balance and retain good spine angle posture as you walk and swing your bowling ball.

*Walk in a straight line direction or within two boards on the approach floor regardless of where you align to the pocket or to any given spare opportunity.

*If your instructor recommends you walk with a predetermined amount of drift, then work to repeat the drift pattern each time you bowl.

Everything works off of good footwork. Your swing tempo and direction is established by means of your footwork tempo and direction.

Accuracy lives with good footwork.

Full commitment to walking your lines and to walking at the best pace for your game will help you trust your alignment and adjustment decisions.

By accepting this notion that accuracy is in your feet, you will become an improved shot maker. The best bowlers in the country rely on consistent walking path patterns and maintaining the same tempo each time they bowl. Regardless of how many steps you use in your approach (four or five steps in highly recommended to synchronize with your swing cycle), develop a consistent directional walking path and swing tempo and path so you can become an accurate player.


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