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New Release: Storm Code Black Bowling Ball

Storm Code Black:

Code Black

Storm fans in the US have been hearing about an overseas release for years that changed the game around the world. Unfortunately, this ball was never available int he US... until now! Introducing the Storm Code Black, a ball with serious backend reaction. Featuring RAD4 technology in the core, the Code Black will get down the lane and provide a strong skid/flip reaction. Move inside, throw it outside and watch it come back!

Sound the alarm, the Storm Code Black is ready for launch.

The Code Black uses Storm's famous RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) technology. This tech has been used for many years, in balls such as the X-Factor and Lock, and is still changing the game. The newest incarnation, RAD4 Asymmetric core, is designed to generate torque unlike any other core. This increases differential, flare and backend motion. 

Pair this with the proven R2S Pearl coverstock and you'll see the strongest skid/flip reaction you've ever achieved. The Code Black will be able to create angles that most bowlers aren't able to create. 

Here's what Storm has to say about the Code Black:

Radial Accelerating Disk technology dates back several generations with hints of it that can be found in the RAD4 Core. It features an extremely dense modified disc shape that generates substantial torque.

The Code Black is currently selling for $164.77 and rates a 233.1.


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