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New Release: Roto Grip Dare Devil Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Dare Devil:

The Roto Grip Dare Devil is the skid/flip, symmetrical cored bowling ball that has been missing from the Roto Grip line. Featuring the new Madcap core and paired with the Amped Pearl coverstock, the Daredevil gets cleanly through the heads, stores energy and makes a crazy turn on the backend. Roto Grip really picked the perfect name for this ball, because you've got to have some guts to throw a ball this strong.

This ball is afraid of nothing. The Roto Grip Dare Devil takes ball reaction to the limit.

It's unusual that a company is able to bring an entirely new ball motion to their line, but Roto Grip has done just that with the Dare Devil. The new low RG Madcap symmetric core is the engine that creates the drive you'll see on the backend.

Paired with the Amped pearl coverstock, you're going to see amazing length with crazy, controllable backend hook. This will reduce over/under and make the Dare Devil a ball that excels on tough oil patterns.

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Dare Devil:

This ultra-low RG symmetrical Madcap core (2.47) with medium high differential (.040) looks to be a staple in the Roto Grip line for years to come. The Amped pearl coverstock delivers enhanced mid-lane and down lane motion.

The Dare Devil is currently selling for $129.99 and rates a 199.5.


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