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EBI International New Releases for Summer 2017 7/5/2017

New bowling balls are releasing, and it’s right around the time of the International Bowl Expo. As a bowler you have to be hyped and excited when you hear the words, “new bowling balls”. You instantly start digging for your wallet to pull the money out to order that new ball for your now summer league or preparing for the long winter league ahead.

EBI International consists of four brands that we all know and love (Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer and Track). Amazingly enough, Track has yet to announce anything new (I believe that will soon change), but with the other three big brands there are some great products coming out for 2017.

Starting with Columbia 300’s all new Juke that released on June 20th. This green, yellow, and purple ball will definitely be an eye catcher on the lanes. With it’s Bend-It Pearl coverstock and Modified SD core, you can see this ball give great length and an angular backend off the dry. You will really see the ball skid-flip, and snap that 10 out that every right hander likes to see, or 7 pin if you’re a lefty. As Columbia 300 says, if you need a ball that really kicks off the dry, just give it a little Juke.

Nothing Hits Like a Hammer and the Hammer Diesel is one that bowlers can say definitely hits like a hammer. Or a Mack truck in this case. This ball is one to really compliment 2016’s releases of the Rebel and Rebel Solid. Wrapped the NBT Solid coverstock around the Diesel core, and expect this ball to have a strong continuous hook on the backend. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, you can see yourself using this Diesel when your Rebel isn’t enough on the backend or your Rebel Solid is too early, and need a ball that will blend between the two and tame the pattern you’re facing effortlessly. This ball truly goes hammer-down and hits with all 16 wheels!

Last but certainly not least, Ebonite is releasing the Matrix to pro shops July 11th. Announced on the 29th of June, the Matrix is wrapped in the GB 12.7 Hybrid cover with the Matrix Reload core. Look for this ball to be a ball that has more backend than the Mission Unknown. Speaking for all Ebonite fans like myself, I have been greatly privileged to already throw this ball, and I will definitely say that this is a ball that I will have around for a long time along with the many Ebonite fans out in the bowling community.

We’re still awaiting the announcement of Track’s latest release for Summer 2017 (which will be posted here on Bowlversity). So what are you waiting for? Order your new Hammer Diesel or Columbia 300 Juke and have it shipped out the next day, or pre order the new Ebonite Matrix. Remember that you can do that and much more right here at, it’s where bowlers go.


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