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Roto Grip’s Summer Releases for 2017 07/11/2017

Here at, we try to cover you on just about everything going on in the sport of bowling. Covering the latest of what the USBC is doing to improve our sport, newest oil patterns, tips and tricks to improve your game, and most importantly, all those new bowling ball releases that us bowlers love.

Now over my time here at, I’ve covered anything mostly from two-handed bowling, to one-handed bowling, as well as up to date news on the world of bowling, professional and nationwide tournaments.

Nothing however, makes me happier than writing about what new products are coming out for bowlers to buy, because every ball company such as Roto Grip, love seeing their customers throwing their latest releases. With all being said, let’s get to the juicy content you came here to read about.

Roto Grip has not only been the sister company to Storm Bowling, but a company that has truly owned the market over the last decade with products that all consumers love throwing. These newest releases... Well, they definitely got the bowling world talking.

I’ll start with a highly anticipated release, the No Rules Exist. When I first heard details of a new No Rules, I was thinking one with a hybrid cover, but it went right back near the original with the Reckless Solid Reactive cover. This cover was also featured on the Dare Devil Trick, and with the same Chaotic core featured in both recent No Rules and No Rules Pearl. The new No Rules Exist is going to be more angular on the backend than the original. I was skeptical when I first heard it was a solid, but after hearing the specs, it looks like a versatile piece.

Roto Grip is also getting lots of talk with the asymmetrical urethane hitting market soon, the Hot Cell. With the Radioactive Solid Urethane cover and the legendary Nucleus core, this hot red colored Hot Cell will offer you a true roll on medium-dry oil patterns. If your urethane ball isn’t making the corner on the backend, then this new Hot Cell will do the trick.

The new Roto Grip Show Off is probably the one I would look into the most myself, with the Micro DNA Solid cover and the Hotshot core, you can see this ball being good for those fresh medium lane conditions or when the lanes begin to get a little drier later into the block of a tournament or league night. If you just need that little bit of push but with some bite on the backend, then the Show Off is the ball for you. Maybe for me too, who knows? Only time will tell.

Last but certainly not least is the Hustle Ink. With the Thrilled Solid Reactive cover and the Hustle core, this will be your entry performance type ball that you will certainly be getting all of your money’s worth out of it. A solid cover with a 1500 Grit Polish finish, man, you can definitely say that this ball will have some kick on the back when those lanes are fried.

As always you can purchase every Roto Grip ball along with everything you need to be absolutely ready next time you hit the lanes right here at, it’s where bowlers go.