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Professional Bowling System (PBS) Launches Performance Ball Lineup In The U.S. 4/12/2018

Professional Bowling System (PBS) has been in the bowling industry for decades, both as a manufacturer of performance and recreational bowling balls, and as an international distributor. PBS has designed and produced High Performance and Polyester bowling equipment for many of the major U.S. bowling brands - driving many technology and production advancements. As a key global distributor, they continue to help U.S. manufacturers reach the ever-growing Asian bowling market. From advanced Research and Development, to in-depth Consumer Analysis, PBS creates the bowling equipment that people need in today's modern game. 

PBS is now leveraging their passion for bowling and their expertise in equipment manufacturing to bring bowlers exciting new performance balls at incredible prices. By fusing leading edge coverstock technologies and advanced symmetric and asymmetric core shapes, PBS has created a diverse arsenal of USBC-approved bowling gear that suits all bowling styles and skill levels --- at prices that make it easy on bowlers' wallets.

After the successful initial launch of PBS products in the US - they have released a new line of equipment for the 2018-2019 season including the following:

  • PBS Mercenary SOLD OUT  -  Pro Performance [10] with the high flare asymmetric Ballistic core and matte finish Solid Reactive coverstock - for length and a smooth backend reaction on heavy lane conditions.

  • PBS Forbidden Magic RETIRED  -  High Performance [8] with the high flare symmetric The Frag core and matte finish Solid Reactive coverstock - for a strong and continuous reaction on medium to heavy lane conditions.

  • PBS Planet Earth Hybrid - Advanced Performance [6] with the high flare asymmetric Satellite core and matte finish Hybrid Reactive coverstock - for even roll on medium to heavy lane conditions.

  • PBS Sun Flare - Performance [4] with the medium-high flare symmetric Burst core and matte Solid Reactive coverstock - for controlled angularity on medium lane conditions.

  • Check out these new designs from Professional Bowling Systems.

Put a world of bowling expertise at your fingertips, and start scoring with PBS.

Here are some additional retired PBS releases:


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