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Add Some GOD To Your Bowling Game

If you are in a bowling funk and need to find a bit of energy to push your bowling forward, then add some GOD to your bowling game.

Wait - by GOD here we mean Good Old Determination.

We all get stuck in a rut from time to time and usually it is Good Old Determination that can help us break loose.

With determination to get back in the groove and get your game back on track, you can reduce the wait time because you will find yourself bowling with renewed passion and desire to fortify your game.

Take a little time to review your strike alignment system. Double check you are walking your predetermined lines to the foul line.

Commit to choosing an appropriate sighting target and then zoom in on that target on the lane with committment to hit it consistently.

Trust your adjustment system when the lanes change and when you are missing the pocket.

A simple adjustment technique can restore your ability to hit the pocket.

Do not forget to pay attention to spare shooting and avoid being careless with routine spare conversions.

Get your bowling ball equipment to the pro shop and refresh or refinish your ball surfaces so next time you bowl, you will restore a desireable ball reaction.

Once you are getting a good ball reaction and are once again hitting the pocket as often as you should, it is surprising how your enthusiasm for the game also improves.

Determination will spearhead you to practicing the techniques which help you bowl your best.

Once you are bowling well again, the energy you derive from good performances is regenerative and will continue to give you the zest for the game needed to bowl well over a long period of time.

Keep it simple.

Line up correctly, make proper adjustments, check your bowling ball surfaces and convert your spares.

You average will improve from the sheer power of determination and you will find yourself enjoying the game more than ever.
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