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Buying Your Next New Bowling Ball

Before buying your next new bowling ball, try to avoid buying the same ball construction and coverstock finish that your present bowling ball possesses.

It can be surprising how often a bowler will buy a new ball so similar in construction and with a like coverstock of their present bowling ball that the money is not spent as well as intended.

Duplicating your equipment may lead to not gaining too much in ball reaction options with the new bowling ball.

It is important to develop some type of plan before buying a new ball so your investment will help you overcome lane conditions challenges and not duplicate your existing equipment.

Establishing a good communication with your pro shop professional is the first important step in gaining insight into selecting your next ball to help you round out your arsenal instead of using a similar ball and reduce your ball reaction options.

Not only is knowing which of many new bowling balls on the market is the best option for you, it is good to be able to use other services your pro shop provides such as choosing the best drilling layout to match with lane conditions and using the pro shop screening and resurfacing services to help tweak your ball reaction.

Altering the surface of your bowling balls is vital to attain a good ball reaction. By choosing appropriate surface textures, you can expect a reliable ball reaction until you need to refresh the ball surface again.

Get into the habit of routine ball maintenance by refreshing the surface of you equipment routinely.

Choosing a drilling layout can help you gain the ball motion best matching your delivery technique and to the lane conditions you experience in competition.

Many ball drillers will recommend the same standard drilling layout for every ball they drill to play it safe and to avoid any unusual ball reaction the given bowler cannot adjust to easily.

One strategy is to drill each of your balls the same but change the type of ball construction and coverstock type to compensate for various lane conditions.

Because there are many variables in choosing a ball, in selecting a drilling layout, in preparing the ball surface texture, you are best served using the services of an experienced ball driller who can become familiarized with your game and where you bowl.

It can be an expensive mistake in choosing the wrong ball for your game or a drilling layout which will not produce the reaction you seek just by reading literature about given bowling balls.

It can be just as ineffective to buy a new ball like your teammate uses unless your delivery style and skill levels are comparable.

When buying your next new ball, do some research first and consult your pro shop professional.

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