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What Can I Do To Improve My Bowling Ball Reaction?

If you ask what can I do to improve my bowling ball reaction, focus on two components of your game, your delivery style and your bowling ball surface preparations.

Most likely your inconsistent ball reaction stems from inconsistent skid distance control.

Solve this challenge first.

Next, an unreliable ball reaction occurs at the breakpoint when your ball either skids too far before hooking to the pocket or breaks sooner than you want and crosses past the pocket.

The two important components of your game needed to work in unison are your delivery technique and your bowling ball coverstock preparation.

To quickly solve your ball reaction problems during a practice session, work on your physical game delivery technique before addressing issues with your equipment.

Make sure you are delivering your ball very nearly at the same speed each shot.

Try to avoid inconsistency in finger rotation where one shot you turn your ball noticeably more than the next shot. Avoid rotation your bowling fingers before your hand reaches the bottom of your downswing.

Don’t force your swing and release by trying to overpower the lanes. Use your best delivery technique each shot and rely on using the right bowling ball and playing the right delivery angle toward the breakpoint.

Your bowling ball surface is another component of your game in need of attention. If your ball reacts unpredictably, you may need to check your surface texture and alter the ball surface by using grit pads.

By altering the surface texture, you can increase or decrease ball skid distance as needed.

Getting your ball to skid the proper distance entering the mid-lane while traveling at the intended delivery angle will help you control your ball reaction.

If your ball skids past the breakpoint, you are either lined up incorrectly or you need a ball change. The same holds true if your ball breaks too soon crossing over the pocket.

If you are familiar with the local lane conditions where you bowl, communicating with your pro shop professional about your ball reaction will help you determine how your ball surfaces should be prepared to gain a stable ball reaction.

When lane conditions provide a good amount of oil in the middle portion of the lanes and the condition yields ease in hitting the pocket, using an aggressive bowling ball can be effective.

On more challenging lane conditions, however, you may wish to choose a stable reacting ball with a smooth surface so you can rely on a consistent skid pattern.

Stay behind your ball and reduce your finger rotation, deliver your ball at a consistent speed, and pay attention to your ball coverstocks by keeping them clean and textured to match the lane conditions.

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