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Zoom In On Your Bowling Target

Keeping your mind on your target while delivering your bowling ball is a key component in improving your accuracy on the lanes. Zoom in on your sighting target to help you perform well under pressure.

Since there are many reasons why bowlers experience pressure during competition, it is vital to remind your brain exactly where you want your bowling ball to go. Your brain is your computer. Your computer sends signals to your legs and bowling hand telling them where to deliver the ball. Muscles have no memory. You can prepare muscles through purposeful training techniques to be conditioned to perform specific tasks but the muscles themselves have no memory.

If you input vague or non-committed information to the brain, expect vague and random results. You must focus precisely on where you want your ball to track as it heads down the lane on a path to your sighting target. So, zoom in on your sighting target.

You must train your mind to improve your personal powers of concentration. Becoming fully aware of where your ball passes through your target area will improve your accuracy.

Command the brain with the correct information to get the positive results you seek. The entire process of targeting on the lane requires as much focus and concentration as does monitoring your physical game during your approach to the foul line.

Between deliveries, it is important to think about where you will align yourself on the next delivery and where you will specifically sight on the lane as your target.

It is not possible to concentrate fully and be committed to your target unless you routinely train yourself to do so during practice sessions. While preparing for competition, think about your target and what you have to do to make an accurate delivery.

It begins with full focus on your target. It's that simple.