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Reasons to Use a Bowling Wrist Device

***If you are here from the latest newsletter, we apologize, the link in that newsletter was incorrect. Click here to read "How to Grip a Bowling Ball."

Use a bowling wrist device to help you release your bowling ball consistently and maximize the power of your existing release technique. Regulating the important "moment of release" and imparting consistent finger rotation onto the bowling ball are easy to do when you use a bowling wrist device. Here is how it works:

1. The wrist device will support the back of the wrist on your bowling hand and prevent total collapsing of the wrist prior to the release of the bowling ball. The purpose of the device essentially is to limit movement of the wrist. The limited wrist movement serves to regulate the relationship of the thumb exiting the ball to the fingers imparting rotation on the ball. It is important to understand your thumb should exit the ball slightly before the fingers as to allow the weight of the ball to fall onto the fingers for a split second before your fingers impart the rotation action onto the ball.

2. Some wrist devices greatly limit movement of the wrist and the fingers because of a longer support structure behind the bowling hand than other devices provide. No doubt experimentation will be necessary before finding the best device for your needs. Generally, the longer support structure behind the hand, the wrist hinging movement and finger movement will be restricted leading to a positive releasing action.

3. Because of the limited movement of the wrist hinging back and remaining in a fixed position as your hand enters the "release zone", your bowling thumb will exit the ball before the fingers and you will notice the ball gaining an effective roll on the front end of the lane. Getting the thumb out of the ball quickly will cause the weight of the swinging bowling ball to fall onto the fingers and the fingers can rotate the ball quickly as the final activity of the release action.

4. Without use of a wrist device, the wrist typically will hinge back before the release and cause the fingers to exit the ball before the thumb. The noticeable effect is that the ball will skid a long distance because of the lack of effective finger rotation at the moment of release. Long skid with little or no finger rotation will create the least powerful rolling action on the ball as it travels down the lane.

If you wish to purchase a wrist device after searching our extensive menu of products at, simply follow our easy online order instructions or call us at (888) 265-2695 and a sales associate will be available to assist 24 hours a day. Thanks for visiting