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Tips For Your Bowling Teammate

If you are bowling in league and your teammate is struggling with his or her game, there are a couple of tips you can share to perhaps help save the day.

Knowing a few tips to help a teammate when bowling in competition can prove useful, and help you at the same time if your are not performing at the top of your game.

Here are a few tips for your teammate:

1. suggest making a good start to the approach and then a good finish. Between, focus sharply on a selected sighting target.

2. suggest focusing on making one good shot at a time.

3. suggest using a consistent pace of steps. Faster than usual steps will cause hurried and inaccurate releases.

4. suggest using consistent gripping pressure on the bowling ball during the swing cycle.

5. suggest minimizing arm and leg tension and maintain balance while walking to the line. Relaxed muscles move smoothly and effectively.

6. suggest making an alignment decision before stepping onto the approach. "Plan the work" off of the approach and "work the plan on the approach."

Often we see our teammates trying much harder than normal, almost in desperation, and we see them lose their focus and energy before the conclusion of league play.

Relate to your teammate to set a pace of play and store needed energies to use the entire duration of league.

Finally, make certain your teammate is receptive to a tip or two before spurting out what you think might help.

Keep it simple. Remind your teammate that there are others on your team who can help pick up the scoring. It is, after all, a team competition, not an individual competition.