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Tips For Oily Bowling Lanes, Originally Posted: 12/6/2014; Updated: 8/3/2022

If you wish to learn tips for oily bowling lanes, then expect simple solutions.

Oily lanes can be challenging if you cannot gain sufficient ball traction to react well and get to the pocket repeatedly.

Here are a few ideas for oily lanes with some of them being very obvious tips:

1. Use a ball with an aggressive coverstock such as a solid reactive, matte finish ball with a grit of perhaps 1000 or 1500 factory finish. You can alter the ball surface slightly if you require more traction by using a coarser grit of perhaps 500 by using grit pads you can purchase easily at any pro shop.

2. Use slightly less ball speed than your normal delivery technique provides.

3. Use an adjusted amount of loft to gain faster bowling ball traction than you use on normal lane conditions or on dry lanes. Try increasing your loft distance first as getting the down on the lane surface by the foul line tends to skid the ball further than does more loft.

4.Sight closer to the foul line slightly than your usual sighting distance at your spot on the lane. Looking anywhere from 6 inches closer to 18 inches closer can help you get your ball into a faster rolling motion and decrease the ball skid distance.

5. Adjust your sighting target on the lane and your position of your feet on the approach laterally and toward the drier portion of the lane away from the heaviest build-up of oil. Usually this means moving toward the edge of the lane nearer or at the 1st arrow until you find more ball traction and regain the hook motion you seek.

6. Use slightly increased finger rotation at the moment you release your ball. Rotating your ball axis more than normal can help you gain traction in the mid-lane if you are aligned properly to the pocket.

Align yourself in a more direct ball path to the pocket and do not expect a sweeping hook on your ball. There are times a straighter shot is better than forcing more hook.

Oily lanes can be challenging but can also help you gain good front end ball skid so you do not have to force your delivery.

If you are having difficulties on oily lanes, try these tips during practice and perhaps one or more may help solve your ball reaction puzzle.

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