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Tips For Lazy Bowlers

If you are a bowler who admits to being very lazy about bowling practice or about making changes to improve your game, there are a few instant tips you can implement the next time you bowl. Not everyone likes to practice or to tinker with their game. If you are one of these bowlers, follow these easy and quick tips and just go bowl.

Here are a few tips you can add to your game right away:

1. Move five inches further back from the foul line.

2. Flex your knees slightly lower than your present set-up in your stance position.

3. Walk slightly more briskly to the foul line while keeping your head still.

4. Swing and follow through as aggressively as possible without losing your balance.

5. If you are not a power player with a high rev-rate and do not hook the bowling ball a great deal, consider wearing a wrist support device to regulate the moment your thumb exits the ball.

6. Keep your eyes focused on your sighting target with lazer-like precision throughout your approach and delivery.

That’s it - just go bowl. Don’t make wholesale changes to your bowling style if you are not willing to work hard and practice often to ingrain changes to your game.

If you just want to get a bit more from your game and not really put any more effort into it than you already do, follow these quick tips. Bowl slightly more aggressively, make any needed lane alignment adjustments from your usual alignment routine, and just go bowl.

The main thing to remember is to enjoy your time bowling so you do not get stale and burn out on the game. If you can’t have some fun bowling, why do it?

Try these little tips next time you bowl. Maybe one or more will help you gain improved results without putting forth a great deal more effort than normally.