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The Simple Bowling Tip For Balance

Updated 11/2/2020

If you are learning the game or are an experienced player committing to improving your shot making skills, heed this tip. The simple bowling tip for balance and accuracy is to move only your legs and your arms when bowling.

The fewest moving parts, the more efficient will be your body motion.

Balance begins by avoiding unneeded movement of your head and shoulders, your entire torso or upper body from your hips to the top of your head, while you walk to the foul line to deliver your bowling ball.

Focus on keeping your head as motionless as possible while releasing the bowling ball. Also, avoid any movement of your upper body by not pressing forward or lunging to deliver your bowling ball.

Little or zero upper body movement will help produce good balance during your approach and lead to accurate shot making.

Once you establish a stable set-up position on the approach before beginning your first step, check to make certain the bottom portion of your chin is at shoulder level (or slightly higher) and your head is not tilted to either side.

Visualize walking to the foul line balancing a book on top of your head without the book dropping to the floor. In order to accomplish this visualization technique successfully, your head must remain virtually motionless and your upper body must be void of any lateral, forward, or back leaning motion whatsoever during your approach.

In fact, if you set-up in your stance position with your upper body tilted forward, perhaps 10 to 15 degrees of forward tilt, and if you pre-set your bowling shoulder to the level of shoulder tilt you wish to use when releasing your ball, then you are in the delivery position before taking a step.

If only your legs are used to transport you to the line and if your arm swinging the ball is the only other significant moving body part, you will develop a smooth and efficient approach with little or no bouncing while walking or upper body movement to adversely affect your shot making.

So the simple tip is merely this:

1. Pre-set your upper body into your delivery position when taking your stance.

2. Move only your legs and bowling arm swinging your ball during your approach.

3. Eliminate all other unnecessary body movement.

This process will assist your making accurate deliveries, controlling your ball speed, and regulating your release technique.

The less moving parts, the less chance for error. Keep things simple and avoid wasted body motion when bowling.

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