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Team USA Trials Errant Shot Video Reaches 1 Million Views

ARLINGTON, Texas - The amazing footage of Josh Scanlan's errant shot during the live streaming coverage of the United States Bowling Congress Team USA Trials last week has gone viral and surpassed more than one million views online.

The shot has been featured on the homepage of Yahoo!,, the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, ESPN's SportsCenter, CNN Headline News, numerous local television stations and various major blog sites like The Huffington Post, Deadspin and The Big Lead.

Originally posted on USBC's YouTube channel Friday morning, the video has been viewed more than 1,200,000 times on Yahoo! The YouTube channel has more than 195,000 views.

"It's amazing to see a fluke shot get so much attention," said Scanlan, who finished 49th at the Team USA Trials. "I'm glad it's allowing millions of people to know there is a Team USA Trials. Maybe the video will in some way be good for the sport."

USBC posted the video with a link to and a description of the event in order to generate publicity for the organization. Most of the outlets that have shown the video have also mentioned Team USA, the Team USA Trials or

The video shows his entire 10th frame in which the shot occurred. After two strikes to start the final frame, Scanlan delivers the errant shot, which bounces into the adjacent lane and eventually strikes. The shot, of course, was marked as zero in accordance with USBC rules.

By Lucas Wiseman
USBC Communications

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