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How To Observe Bowling Lane Courtesy

If you wish to learn how to observe bowling lane courtesy, give please give some attention to these basic points:

  • Wait for your turn.

  • Step onto the approach when it is your turn.

  • Ready-Set-Go.

  • Remain in your approach area.

  • Step back off the approach.

As a relative newcomer to the game or as someone intending to bowl for the first time, there are a few things to know in learning how to observe bowling lane courtesy. When you are preparing to bowl, please pick up your bowling ball while remaining behind the approach at the ball return console and until it is your turn to bowl.
If other bowlers are on adjacent lanes readying to bowl or watching their deliveries travel down the lane, do not step onto your approach until the other bowlers are stepping off their approaches and clear the way for you to bowl. Please make sure you have no one on either side of you while you ready to bowl. The general courtesy is to not be on the approach while others are on their approaches on either side of your lane. The same courtesy is due to you by the other bowlers in return.
Be ready to step onto your approach when it is your turn. Try and avoid wasting time engaging in conversation with other bowlers when it is your turn to step onto the approach. Try to keep an eye on the other bowlers on your lane. Make sure when it is your turn to bowl you are ready when the bowler before you completes his or her delivery.
Return off of the approach as soon as your ball impacts the pins and the result is observed so you allow other bowlers to the sides of your lane to ready themselves to bowl. When it is your turn to bowl and you step onto the approach, try to establish a routine by which you take your alignment positioning on the approach, grip your ball properly, take sight of your target down the lane, and be ready to begin your approach to the foul line. Ready-Set-Go!

It should take no longer than five seconds total time to take aim, begin your walk to the line, and deliver the ball. It will take anywhere from 2 - 4 seconds for the ball to arrive at the pins, and about five to seven seconds for you to walk off of the approach and allow bowlers next to you to prepare to bowl. Please avoid wasting unnecessary time on the approach watching for results after delivering your bowling ball. If everyone keeps moving steadily and observes these simple lane courtesies, a nice pace of bowling happens and makes it enjoyable for everyone.
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