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900 Global THE EAGLE - Your Best Bet In Reno with Contest Info

Are you looking for the perfect ball to use at the 2011 USBC Open Championships in Reno? Last year it was the Break Out that proved to be the solution for the challenging lane conditions at the National Bowling Stadium during the Masters and Open Championships. Both event champions used a Break Out!
This season we've duplicated that performance and gave the ball a fitting name... THE EAGLE! The The Eagle will utilize the same low RG Break Out core along with our top selling S70 cover that produced all of the big paydays last season.
As an extra incentive, get rewarded for throwing the Eagle! 900 Global is providing a $5,000 prize fund for the top 5 games bowled with our Eagle during the 2011 Open Championships!
1. The Eagle contest is open to anyone bowling in the USBC Open Championships in Reno, Nevada who uses a 900 Global Eagle ball. Tournament dates run March 4th through July 2nd 2011.
2. The Eagle must be used as a first ball for all frames bowled during the game in which the score is being submitted (Spares maybe thrown with an alternate ball). The Eagle does not have to be used for every game of the event in order for a player to be eligible.
3. To enter your game score, submit a copy of your recap to the 900 Global booth with that game circled. Please include your name, phone number, city and state. Winners will be contacted at the end of the event. *Note in the event the booth is closed when your squad is finished, scores may be submitted to 900 Global by mail or fax with all the above parameters met. All submissions must be turned into 900 Global no later than July 6th 2011. Two non-team members must sign the recap and include their phone numbers for verification. Your recap must include the serial number of the ball.
4. In the event of a tie the money for the positions involved in the tie shall be added and divided.
Example 1: 1st and 2nd tie $2,500 and $1,000 would be added $3,500 and the monies divided evenly. In this example each player would receive $1750. In the event there is a tie for last place the monies ($250) would be divided evenly amongst all participates involved in the tie.
Example 2: 7 – 300 scores bowled with the Eagle, $5,000 would be divided 7 ways. Limit one cash per bowler.
Prize Fund
1st $2,500
2nd $1,000
3rd $750
4th $500
5th $250

*900 Global employees and staff members are not eligible.
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