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New Release: Motiv Forza Redline Bowling Ball



Motiv Forza Redline:

The Motiv Forza Redline offers bowlers a benchmark ball reaction. This is so important for making adjustments as quickly as possible to maximize scoring potential. Medium hook potential, good length, smooth, strong backend reaction. Exactly what you want for medium oil. Paired with the Forza the Forza Redline makes a perfect 1-2 punch to start out a league or tournament.

Performance taken to the maximum limit. The Motiv Forza Redline bowling ball.

The Forza Redline is the new benchmark reaction for Motiv. A benchmark ball is one designed for medium oil which is intended to allow you to make adjustments more easily. You want a ball that is in the middle as far as overall hook, overall length and you want a smooth backend reaction.

The new Helix Pearl Reactive coverstock finished at 5000 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polished) gives the perfect amount of length. The proven Torx inner core with its 2.50 RG and 0.051 Differential offers just enough strength with high flare and control.

All of these factors give you a ball that will easily allow you to tell if you need a ball with more or less hook, more or less length and more or less angle on the backend. Put the pedal to the metal!

Here is what Motiv has to say about the Forza Redline:

Push the limit with the exotic Forza Redline. Engineered for medium oil, it is the ultimate machine for benchmark performance. It provides more length than the solid Forza, yet is still offers more control than the Octane.

The Motiv Forza Redline is currently selling for $124.99 and rates a 175.9.