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Key Bowling Ball Description Information, Originally Posted: 9/3/2012; Updated: 6/29/2023

Before purchasing any new bowling ball, it can certainly be helpful to research key bowling ball description information. Learning important details about any bowling ball is very important when making a decision to purchase a new bowling ball.

Reading key bowling ball description information will provide you with knowledge about bowling ball products available in today's market and offered at

Length and hook potential are the two most common factors in first determining if a new bowling ball will match the lane conditions you frequently encounter and with drilling layouts that influence ball motion after drilling.

The Radius of Gyration (RG) and the Differential of RG are two factors used when describing a given bowling ball’s reaction capabilities developed and based on its core design.

Knowing the Flare Potential rating, produced chiefly by the core design, will help you determine the amount of hook a given bowling ball possesses and how it will react in the mid-lane and on the back-ends.

The coverstock is probably the major factor in determining the length potential of a given ball.

Solid and Pearl reactive coverstocks offer the widest variety of ball motion options. Other coverstocks such as Urethane, plastic, or particle options offer additional ranges in ball skid potential.

The coverstock surface preparation variables, such as the grit texture the factory finishing process produces, is another important factor in selecting a coverstock which influences skid length and ball motion in the mid-lane and on the back-ends.

You can find this information listed and itemized by every bowling ball on our site by clicking on the "Bowling Balls" button near the top of our home page, then on any manufacturer.
Next, review the many choices of new bowling ball products along with a colorful image of each item. The specific description details of each item are also available with information about weight availability and warranty details.
These description details include much useful information about this example bowling ball such as the Medium RG rating and the High Differential and Track Flare ratings as well as the type of ball symmetry this ball offers.

The manufacturer will also provide additional information about the coverstock and which lane conditions the bowling ball is designed best to match. A description about the ball motion the ball will yield is also provided for ease in deciding if the ball suits your needs.

To further narrow your search for a new bowling ball, please reference our Perfect Scale® rating feature which is useful in providing comparisons of the latest bowling balls in today’s market against our sophisticated rating scale system. The Perfect Scale® can be easily accessed from our home page by clicking on the link and then browsing the information provided at the Perfect Scale. Our goal is to simply make it easier for you to compare products and feel confident in your purchase process. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting

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