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The New Realm of Bowling: Roto Grip’s Realm

The newest ball to the Royal Line from Roto Grip, the Realm, is what most would consider to be the ultimate "latest and greatest" ball to be unleashed on the market. Featuring the Cyto-X coverstock, this solid reactive ball will be extremely aggressive for those that truly want the best performance they can have. Using the C.A.M core, the Realm hosts the "most continuous motion ever seen" from an asymmetrical core. With the perfectly chosen complements of the Cyto-X coverstock and the C.A.M core, this ball is only destined for greatness in the alleys. This ball is an overseas release and a exclusive, so be sure you get yours while you still can!

The will allow any bowler to up their game and dominate their alley's realm. With the newest technology on the market, this ball will be perfect for any player on a heavy oil condition or wanting a strong hooking and hitting ball. No matter what kind of bowler you are, the Roto Grip Realm will make you stand out above the crowds. Rule your kingdom with the new Roto Grip Realm.