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How To Use Your Bowling Balance Leg

Learning how to use your bowling balance leg during your approach is an extremely important key in making an effective bowling ball delivery. Maintaining good balance and remaining stable with your upper body while beginning your slide into the foul line are keys to good shot making. By learning how to use your bowling balance leg as you begin your slide will go a long way in helping you to maintain balance and deliver your ball with accuracy.
The step before your slide step becomes your balance leg at the time you transfer your weight onto your sliding leg and begin the sliding process. Once you have transferred your weight onto your sliding leg and begin the slide, your balance leg must move out of the way smoothly so your forward arm swing has a clear path to enter into the release zone and thereby deliver the bowling ball on line to your target.

Your balance leg, or trailing leg, should sweep smoothly to the opposite side of your body from your bowling arm.  The bowling shoe on your balance leg should remain in contact with the approach floor while sweeping away from the arm swing path. By keeping the shoe in contact with the approach floor, your upper body position will remain stable as your swing enters the critical release zone.
If your balance leg lifts well off of the floor suddenly while sweeping away to the side of your body, you run the risk of losing upper body balance during the critical moment of release of your bowling ball. By either dropping your bowling shoulder severely just prior to releasing the ball, raising your head and shoulders upward abruptly prior to the release, or by leaning your torso too far forward caused from the balance leg lifting off of the floor suddenly, your sliding balance becomes hampered and the risk of a poor delivery occurs.
It is recommended that the toe of your bowling shoe on your balance foot remain pointing to the pins while sweeping aside and out of the way of your swing path. This technique aides you if you are trying to deliver your ball "up the boards" and are not playing an extreme inside or wide angle down the lane to the break point. By keeping the toe of the balance leg shoe on the floor and pointed toward the pins, your hips will remain in alignment with your target down the lane as will your shoulders.
If you wish to play a wide angle, or inside angle (4th or fifth arrow, for example), then allowing the toe of the shoe on your balance leg to open gradually while your leg sweeps aside will help your swing path alignment.  As your leg sweeps out of the way of your swing path, opening the toe of your balance leg will also open your hips slightly to allow your swing path to easily match the desired angle when releasing the ball from the wide angle alignment.

It is evident that to make an accurate delivery of your bowling ball you must be in a good release position with good balance. Making certain that your balance leg sweeps smoothly away from your swing path and keeping the toe of that leg in contact with the floor goes a long way in helping you maintain good overall balance when releasing your bowling ball. As in any sport, good balance leads to good results.
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