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How To Use The Storm Gizmo Wrist Support

 So you've purchased your new Storm Gizmo, but aren't certain how to use it? Here's some excellent information from our friends on Storm Technical Staff:

1. Lay the brace on the back of your hand. Adjust the wrist/forearm strap so that it is secure on your forearm, but still comfortable enough to allow circulation to your wrist and hand. Also, lightly tighten the palm strap to keep your hand in place before adjusting the wrist cup and angle.
2. Loosen the silver knob or dial on the back of the glove by rotating it counterclockwise. With the dial loose, move your wrist back and forth (left and right) until it feels comfortable. After you find this position, the proper wrist angle, tighten the knob to secure in place. Just remember to not over-tighten the dial when locking it in place!
3. Once you have the left/right angle comfortable, now we need to determine the proper wrist cup. Move your palm towards your wrist and, with your opposite hand, press the spring-loaded gate to the right to release the bar to the fully extended position. The result is a maximum cupped position. To reduce the amount of cup, simultaneously press the back of your hand into the glove while pressing the silver gate to the right. This will allow the bar to retreat into the housing located directly above the silver metal dial or knob.
4. At this point, you should release the palm strap, move your wrist in a circular motion a few times, and then secure the palm strap to keep your hand in place. Just like the forearm strap, this should be tightened enough to keep your hand in position, but not enough to stop circulation to your palm and fingers.
5. It’s time to bowl… Roll a few shots and see how it works and feels… adjust the wrist angle position and wrist cup adjustment bar until you find a comfortable zone that feels good and helps your game… Remember too that the different position will also change your ball roll, so you may be able to customize it to your particular lane conditions as needed.
Wrist Angle Adjustment
In general, adjusting the wrist angle away from your body (with your palm facing up) will create more forward roll, while adjusting it towards the inside of your body will help create more side rotation. However, don’t be too extreme in your adjustments or you may injure your wrist or hand. Natural flexibility, bone and joint structure will have a strong influence on how far you can adjust your wrist left or right without hurting yourself or creating an uncomfortable position for your wrist.
Wrist Cup Adjustment
The wrist cup adjustment is similar to the wrist angle adjustment in the fact that certain types of flexibility, bone and joint structure will affect how far you can safely and comfortably extend the bar. In general, the shorter the bar is extended, with a straighter wrist, the lower your rev rate). As you extend the bar your wrist becomes more cupped, and as a result you will notice your rev rate increase.
Just keep in mind that sometimes more is less, especially if you can be more accurate and consistent.
Courtesy of Storm Technical Staff