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How To Select The Right Wrist Support, Originally Posted: 12/8/2010; Updated: 9/29/2023

If you are wondering how to select the right wrist support, then considering some important options will help you in the decision process. offers a wide variety of accessories such as wrist support devices to help you improve your release technique.  But learning how to select the right wrist support requires an understanding of the various models of devices and how they can work to enhance your release.

The primary feature of any wrist support device is to place and hold your wrist tilt into a given position.  For bowlers who do not have a snappy, strong natural release technique and wish to increase your release versatility, use of a wrist support device can be very beneficial.  At the critical moment you release your bowling ball, a wrist device helps regulate the relationship of your fingers exiting the ball in comparison to your thumb from delivery to delivery and will determine how much rev-rate will be imparted onto your bowling ball.

If your wrist is tilted back and held in that position by means of a wrist support such as the Storm Gizmo device, then your thumb will likely exit the ball about the same time as will your fingers.  This type of release will help you skid the ball on dry lanes because your release will not impart a fast rev-rate or axis tilt onto the bowling ball but rather encourage a longer skidding motion before the ball picks up a roll in the mid lane or further down toward the back end of the lane.  Selecting an adjustable wrist support device allows you to place and hold your wrist in a back tilted position so you can easily skid the ball when the lane conditions call for that type of release.

Adjustable wrist devices, like the Storm Gizmo or Brunswick PowerKoil devices, can also place your wrist into a forward tilt position so your thumb exits the ball well before your fingers at the moment you begin the release.  This type of release will enhance a faster rate of revolutions onto the bowling ball because your fingers will support the weight of the ball and can quickly rotate the ball axis while adding revs in the front part of the lane.  The higher rev-rate works to get your ball into a quick roll in the front end of the lane on heavy oil conditions or on medium-heavy oil conditions.

For those who wish to achieve a moderate rev-rate, the adjustable wrist device can also be set to keep your wrist very straight at the moment of release with your thumb exiting the ball slightly before your fingers so you can roll the ball with less axis tilt than if your wrist were cupped or in a maximum forward tilt position. For keeping the wrist straight, standard wrist support devices can be also used, such as the Kool Kontrol device, which has no adjustable capability and will work to regulate the thumb and fingers exiting the ball very consistently.

It is surprising how effective your release can become by using a support device. Some experimentation with wrist supports will be necessary so you develop the type of release you need on various lane conditions.  If you have any questions about your present release and which device will be best suited to your game, it is recommended you consider working with a certified coach or a local bowling professional to lead you in the selection process.

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