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Why Use A Bowling Wrist Support, Originally Posted: 7/2/2012; Updated: 7/12/2023

If you are wondering why use a bowling wrist support, there are a few factors keys to consider. The goal for all bowlers is to deliver the bowling ball consistently and accuracy. To best answer to why use a bowling wrist support is to understand a few key points regarding wrist devices.

1. A wrist support will help regulate the "moment of release" of your bowling ball.

2. The wrist support device will prevent the back of the bowling hand from tilting or collapsing prior to the delivery of the bowling ball.

3. Limited wrist movement during your swing and delivery serves to regulate the relationship of your thumb exiting the bowling ball with respect to your bowling fingers.

4. It is important to understand your thumb should exit the ball slightly before your bowling fingers.

5. Longer support structure behind the bowling hand found on some models of wrist supports limit unneeded movement of your bowling fingers while swinging and delivering the bowling ball.

6. Getting the thumb out of the ball cleanly and quickly at the same place relative to your sliding bowling shoe (by the shoelaces of your sliding shoe) will lead to consistent deliveries.

7. Wrist Support devices are available in adjustable and non-adjustable models to pinpoint the precise amount of wrist tilt you choose prior to delivering your bowling ball.

Experimentation will be necessary before finding the best device for your needs. Generally, the longer support structure behind the hand encourages a decisive delivery action.

It is recommended you purchase a wrist liner to wear under the wrist support device if you perspire greatly and have skin which is prone to irritation or chaffing. Wrist Liners are very comfortable to wear and protect your skin when wearing a wrist support device.

Some adjustable devices have removable lining pads which protect your skin and are washable and replaceable.

If you wish to purchase a wrist device after searching our extensive menu of products at, simply visit our Accessories and wrist supports here. If you are uncertain of size or fit, be sure to include the Sure Fit Plan on your new support if available. Thanks for visiting

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