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How Important Is Maintaining Your Bowling Ball Surfaces To Your Game?

By:, 1/9/17 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks how important is maintaining your bowling ball surfaces to your game?

Let’s get you started by saying that there are many published articles with information about maintaining bowling ball surfaces. The question is do you use a routine maintenance schedule to refresh your ball surfaces?

Here are ideas to lead you in commenting about what you do, if anything, to clean and restore your bowling ball surfaces to best match with local lane conditions:

How often do you clean the dirt or lane oil from your bowling ball surfaces, if you own more than one ball?

Do you texture your ball surfaces yourself?

Do you bring your equipment to a local pro shop and use the services provided at the pro shop for ball maintenance?

Are each of your bowling balls textured the same way during routine maintenance regardless of the original factory finish?

What noticeable ball reaction benefit do you see when you restore your ball surfaces after many games of bowling?

Do you own and use your own bowling ball spinner and grit pads to perform routine surface maintenance?

If you bowl at different centers in leagues or tournaments, what strategy do you use when preparing your ball surfaces for competition at a given bowling center?

Since bowling balls are the common major tools used by each of us, we would like to read your comments related to your bowling ball surface maintenance strategies.

Kindly place your comment in our blog section immediately below this article.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to reading your comments.

Thank You,


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