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Bowling Ball Spinner

Finding a bowling ball spinner is as easy as searching on our site. At, we want to accommodate any serious bowler by offering the products which can give you an edge on your competition.

A bowling ball spinner allows you to sand, polish, or clean the surface of your bowling ball very evenly.  While the bowling ball is spinning, you are able to apply even pressure consistently to more of the surface.  Without the use of a spinner, it becomes more difficult to be even, often resulting in one area of the bowling ball having more polish or sanded more than the rest.

The surface of your ball, along with lane conditions, can drastically alter the outcome of your game. Purchasing your own personal bowling ball spinner will enhance the performance of your bowling equipment simply by allowing you to resurface the coverstock through sanding, use of other abrasives, polishing, or cleaning procedures.

It is important to research precise resurfacing procedures and use the proper materials to get good resurfacing results with use of your own bowling ball spinner. You will easily find technology information about the latest bowling ball coverstocks available on our site.

Referring to our “Bowling Ball Selector” feature will guide you in your equipment selection process as will viewing our videos where you may watch the latest bowling balls in the market rolling down our private test facility lanes. By selecting the bowling balls that match the lane conditions you most frequently encounter in your competitive events and by proper use of your bowling ball spinner, you will undoubtedly gain a distinct advantage over your competition. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions or merely by calling us at (888) 265-2695 and one of our sales associates will be available to assist you 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Thanks for visiting .

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