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Understanding The Hybrid Bowling Ball Coverstock

By:, 11/21/16

Understanding the hybrid bowling ball coverstock will give you, an advanced and skilled bowler, a very useful tool in your arsenal joining both the solid, shiny reactive coverstocks and the pearl reactive coverstock.

The Hybrid coverstock has been designed to expand bowling ball reaction capabilities.

One simple way of understanding the Hybrid coverstock in “layman bowler” terms is that the Hybrid coverstocks are a combination of solid and pearl reactive coverstocks and offer additional ball reaction options to its forerunner coverstocks.

Simply put, this offers you an additional tool to combat varying oil patterns.

Since there are advantages to Shiny Reactive, Solid Reactive, and Pearl Reactive coverstocks, it makes sense to offer competitive bowlers the benefits of all types of reactive bowling balls, thus the emergence of the Hybrid coverstock.

Hybrid coverstocks provide the general friction oriented mid-lane reaction of a solid reactive coverstock merged with the back end lane reaction of a pearl coverstock.

Hybrid coverstocks are versatile and will give you the front end ball skid distance you seek on medium oil conditions and respond decisively at the break point to the pocket, similar to pearl reactive coverstocks.

Hybrid coverstocks are also now available in polished or matte finishes.

Each finish influences track flare, ball skid distance, and the transition points from the skid phase to the hook phase and from the hook phase to the roll phase of ball motion.

Since the hybrid coverstocks allow for altering the surface textures to tweak your ball reaction, it can fill the gaps in your ball reaction capabilities with your present reactive equipment.

Hybrid coverstocks, generally speaking, usually one part reactive solid material and one part reactive pearl material each of the two parts are different colors.

Another factor important in understanding the Hybrid bowling ball coverstock is knowing Hybrid ball reaction capabilities can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, as in the cases of other reactive bowling balls, the Hybrid ball reaction can be further influenced by virtue of your chosen the drilling layout. Layout and surface preparation adjustments make the Hybrid ball an extremely useful tool on challenging lane conditions as well as on normal house conditions you face in league competition.


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