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Do You Need A Bowling Wrist Support, Originally Posted: 5/21/2012; Updated: 7/24/2023

If you are struggling with your delivery and are wondering do you need a bowling wrist support, there are a few factors keys to consider. The goal for all bowlers is to deliver the bowling ball consistently and accurately. Do you need a bowling wrist support can best be answered if you are inconsistent regulating the finger rotation on your bowling ball during the delivery motion at the important "moment of release." If so, then use of a bowling wrist device can certainly help right away.

Here is how it works:

The wrist support device will prevent the back of the bowling hand from tilting or collapsing prior to the delivery of the bowling ball.

Essentially, the purpose of the device is to limit tilting movement of the wrist.

The limited wrist movement serves to regulate the relationship of your thumb exiting the ball compared to your bowling fingers which act to impart rotation on the ball.

It is important to understand your thumb should exit the ball slightly before the fingers as to allow the weight of the ball to fall onto the pads of your bowling fingers for a split second before your fingers impart the rotation action onto the ball between the laces and the toe of your sliding bowling shoe.

Some wrist devices greatly limit movement of the wrist and the fingers because of a longer support structure behind the bowling hand than other devices provide.

Experimentation will be necessary before finding the best device for your needs. Generally, the longer support structure behind the hand, the wrist and finger hinging movements will be restricted leading to a decisive delivery action.

Getting the thumb out of the ball quickly and at the same place relative to your sliding bowling shoe (by the heel your sliding shoe) will lead to an effective delivery motion.

Without use of a wrist device, your wrist typically will hinge back before the release and cause the fingers to exit the ball at the same time or before the thumb.

The noticeable effect is that the ball will skid a long distance without an effective roll imparted onto the bowling ball.

Long skid with little or no finger rotation will create the least powerful ball rev-rate as it travels down the lane.

Wrist Support devices are available in adjustable and non-adjustable models.

Here are a few examples of each model types where you simply can click on the links below to view the items at your convenience:
Non-Adjustable Wrist Devices

Leather Original Right Handed is currently selling for $24.99

Lifter Right Handed is currently selling for $54.99

Kool Kontrol Wrist Positioner Right Handed is currently selling for $16.99

is currently selling for $24.99

Adjustable Wrist Support Devices
C4 Right Handed is currently selling for $74.95

Revs 3 Right Handed is currently selling for $59.99

Revs 2 Right Handed is currently selling for $59.99

C2 Right Handed is currently selling for $54.95

Adjustable wrist supports allow you to vary your wrist hinge forward to "cup" the ball causing a fast thumb release and a crisp finger delivery action onto the bowling ball. The more the forward tilting of the wrist, the quicker the thumb will exit the ball and the more your rev-rate will increase. Be prepared to use bowling tape if your thumb exits very quickly to avoid dropping the ball behind the foul line.

It is recommended to experiment with a straight wrist positioning for a few games until you get used to the feeling of enhanced delivery support. Then practice with the maximum forward hinge and with a reverse hinge so you get acquainted with the full range of motion the wrist device provides and compare your ball reactions accordingly.

It is recommended to purchase a wrist liner to wear under the wrist support device if you have skin which is prone to irritation or chaffing. Wrist Liners are very comfortable to wear and protect your skin when wearing a wrist support device.

Some adjustable devices have removable lining pads which protect your skin and are washable and replaceable.

If you wish to purchase a wrist device after searching our extensive menu of products at, simply follow our easy online order instructions. Thanks for visiting

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