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Bowling Hand At Release

By:, 3/1/17

Your bowling hand at release determines how you deliver your bowling ball.

Is your hand around the side of the ball at the very moment you release your ball?

Perhaps it is behind the ball or somewhere between the two hand positions?

It is important to know where your hand is at the time your thumb and fingers begin to exit the bowling ball.

If you rotate your hand early getting your hand around to the outside of the ball you will be unable to rotate the ball further unless your hand goes over the top of the ball, a dangerous type of release unless you are skilled at using this technique.

This technique causes what is commonly referred to as a “chicken wing” release where your hand is on the outside of the ball and a gap between your inner edge of the ball and your sliding ankle is greater than a desired half of an inch space.

If your hand is completely behind the ball entering into the release point, you have a good chance at keeping your ball close to your ankle as it passes the ankle even when your fingers rotate the ball slightly.

If you use a simple release where your hand is between the side of the ball and completely behind the ball and remains in this position throughout the swing and release movements, you will get a modest hook motion on your ball.

This technique means your hand might still be swinging under your bowling shoulder close to your sliding ankle which helps you remain stabilized during your release. This technique means to avoid rotating your fingers over the top of the ball thereby losing an effective release movement.

You may have heard the term “stay behind the ball” in your experiences in and around bowling circles. This term is a good reminder to avoid over-rotating your hand and fingers beyond the side of the ball at the moment of release.

Establishing a consistent release technique and one which produces a reliable ball reaction is a good goal. If you unknowingly alter your release, you alter your bowling ball axis of rotation and tilt which, in turn, alters your ball reaction. Your release technique is a major factor in controlling bowling ball speed and ball skid distance. Bowling ball skid distance helps determine how your ball will transition in the mid-lane and on the back end of the lane. Don’t guess about your bowling hand at release.


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