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Bowling Eye Candy

No, bowling eye candy is not checking out the hot chicks or the male hunks at your local bowling center. Although this might be something you do routinely, we refer to bowling eye candy as seeing your bowling ball carry strikes.

As a new bowler or someone just beginning to take the game seriously, you are likely keen in getting strikes.

A big step to increasing your "strike" potential is hitting the pocket with regularity.

When you hit the pocket a lot, you leave routine spares to make which can be an asset to getting good bowling scores.

Everyone wants good bowling pin carry. When we hit the pocket, we all want to get a strike. The goal of all bowlers is getting a strike, beginner bowlers included.

The trick to getting strikes is developing an initial alignment system whereby you can deliver your ball and the lane condition helps you ultimately hit the pocket. The other trick is to make strategic adjustments so when you miss the pocket, your next shot has a much better chance of hitting the pocket.

Most amateur bowlers will carry strikes from 4 to 6 times out of 10 deliveries when the ball contacts the pocket.

No bowler carries every pocket hit. Carrying strikes on good pocket hits is cyclic and you must be ready to convert a spare if you do not strike.

Your primary objective is to deliver your ball into the pocket, regardless of your delivery style. You will always stand the best chance of getting a strike when your ball enters the pocket.

A light pocket hit is not quite as productive in getting strikes routinely as is a solid pocket hit.

A high pocket hit is not quite as productive for getting a strike as is a solid pocket strike.

A solid pocket hit gives you your best chance at getting a strike.

All pocket hits are good things.

Missing the pocket overwhelmingly reduces your chances of getting strike.

When round objects collide, funny pin carry occurs. When we hit the pocket solidly and do not carry, we call it a “tap.” We cannot always rely on getting strikes when hitting the pocket but we do know that hitting the pocket is our best chance of getting a strike.

Line up and adjust as needed.

Watch your ball carefully as it enters the pocket. You can learn a lot about pin carry from watching your ball impact the pins very closely.

Bowling eye candy is seeing the pins fall in abundance. Get your share of strikes and your scores will soar.