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Bowling Balance While Sliding

By:, Originally Posted: 1/6/17; Updated: 2/7/21

Retaining bowling balance while sliding into the foul line with your final step is a critical part of becoming an accurate bowler.

If you find yourself falling off balance when you deliver your bowling ball, then quite simply you are reducing your ability to deliver accurate shots.

If you are falling off your shot, then you likely are stepping suddenly across your body with your trailing leg (your balance leg) to prevent falling after delivering your ball.

Usually falling off of your shot means you are not sliding into the foul line with your final sliding step moving straight ahead and under the center of your body mass.

When you do slide toward your body center, however, you provide a stable platform to deliver your bowling ball.

If you are sliding under your non-bowling shoulder and possibly spinning out of your shot instead sliding straight ahead under your chin, you are losing balance and your trailing leg will have to step across your body as your bowling ball passes through the releasing area.

Also, sliding toward your non-bowling shoulder creates several inches gap between the bowling ball and your sliding ankle which, in turn, causes a loss of leverage and inconsistent release movements.

Losing balance while releasing your ball means loss of accuracy, loss of ball speed control, and a leads to an inconsistent hand action during your release.

Another factor causing a loss in balance while sliding is walk stiff-legged with no knee flex and then little or no knee bend while sliding. If your knees are flexed forward during your steps to the line, particularly the last two steps, then you stand a good chance of retaining balance when swinging and delivering a heavy bowling ball. Avoid walking very upright with no knee flex and then suddenly trying to bend forward from the waist while releasing your bowling ball.


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