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Bowling Balance Benefits

By:, 11/17/16

There are a few bowling balance benefits which can help your game. If you are averaging in the 160 - 180 range and cannot seem to improve, check your balance when you walk and swing your bowling ball.

Being in a well balanced body posture when you bowl and maintaining good posture and balance as you slide and release your ball are real keys to improvement if you are lacking in these areas of your game.

Just as bowling with a bad back is difficult to overcome because of back pains, stiffness, soreness or just tight muscle conditions where your flexibility is restricted, doing nothing about improving your balance technique when bowling will not change things for the better.

When bowling with a bad back, as one example, do smooth and slow stretching exercises while warming up to bowl.

Also, preset your spine angle in your stance position to match your preferred finish position at the foul line.

Reduce unnecessary head movement when bowling. Minimize upper body movement other than swinging your bowling ball to help achieve improved balance and shotmaking.

Another key factor for bettering your balance is to avoid trying to thrust your bowling arm through the delivery zone in hopes of adding revs and ball speed.

Avoid runaway footsteps where you walk so quickly to the foul line that you have to brake suddenly with a forced slide and risk jamming your back, especially if you slide into a sticky spot on the approach.

Accuracy is the objective of every bowler and developing solid balance techniques is vital to that end.

If these quick tips for better bowling balance are not helping you as much as you wish, then there may be other factors causing poor bowling balance you may need to address. Stating the obvious is to say that taking a lesson from a good instructor is one sure way to identify specific methods where your balance can be improved. Once you know which areas in your game need the most attention for improved balance, your coach can also help you affix solutions by offering balance practice techniques relevant to your game.


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