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Be A Good Bowling Teammate, Originallly Posted: 2/3/2013; Updated: 7/25/2021

If you want to be part of a successful bowling team, then be a good bowling teammate.
Be a cool customer in competition. Work at not losing your temper or getting overly emotional if things are not going your way. Be a good example to your teammates and avoid losing your composure and your temper, even if you deliver a poor shot, miss a spare, or get “tapped” in a crucial frame.
If another bowler on your team is trying his or her best to produce a good score and focus on their own game, avoid unneeded banter or conversation between frames. Don't rattle your own teammate by complaining about your game. Team competition is about all members working together as a collective scoring unit.
Although some leagues or tournaments reward bowlers who win a match point each game against an opponent, you are still in the business of trying to win a point for your team, not just for yourself.

Encourage your teammates if things are not going their way or the team’s way. If you are not prone to being a cheerleader, a simple pat on the back or a kind word can do nicely to pick up the spirits of your teammate.
To further develop team spirit, at the beginning of a league season or before a team tournament, have a brief meeting with teammates and ask each bowler to share views about conduct and team spirit. Develop a plan of action for competing in the event or over a long league season together. If every bowler on a team understands the collective strategies for the team from the onset, then your group will begin with the end in mind and work as a unit instead of individuals.
The one thing that motivates teammates above everything else is to see another teammate trying his or her best every frame, every game and every session during the season. Whether a teammate is in a slump or is riding the crest of a hot streak, when we see them trying their very best and encouraging us to do the same, it picks up the spirits of everyone on the team.
Put your own personal goals aside and be in the moment. Support your teammates and bust your tail to bowl as well as you can. Winning as a team is a special feeling shared by all on the team. Do your part. Be a leader and show by example. You will be happy you did.

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