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What Is Your Bowling Ambition?

By:, Originally Posted: 7/20/17; Updated: 2/27/2022 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks what is your bowling ambition?

Because this site provides editorial bowling articles, we thought it would be fun to hear from our friends what your goals in the game are and what you are doing about achieving these goals?

Your goals or ambition can be long or short term and can relate to your physical game, mental game, and strategies you use during competition.

Bowling ambition is different for everyone. No two bowlers strive for exactly the same goals while others just participate in the game with no objective other than enjoying bowling with friends, teammates, and having fun.

Here is additional criteria to help you comment and share your goals:

*Is raising your league average your biggest goal?

*Perhaps you are seeking a 300 game or a high series score to round out your career highlights?

*Are you trying to win your league or a tournament and are working to bowl well enough to get it done?

*Are you trying to become a more complete player who is versatile on many lane conditions?

*Perhaps you goal is to develop a sensible arsenal of bowling balls so you have the tools to compete successfully?

*Is your ambition to break the 200 average barrier? The 210 barrier? Higher?

*Maybe you have already reached your bowling potential and are satisfied with how you presently perform?

No need to answer each question. Any comment you wish to make related to your personal achievements or to your overall ambition in the game will be appreciated.

Kindly place your comment in our blog section immediately below this article.

We thank you in advance for your participation and are anxious to read your comments.

Thank You,


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