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The Importance Of Stretching, Originally Posted: 1/9/2012; Updated: 8/15/2023

Stretching is really important due to the fact that it can prevent injury. Most people don't realize how many muscle pulls, back pains and arm muscles you can occur without proper stretching before you start your bowling game. Just a few minutes of your time before you start can go along way.

  1. You first want to stretch your thigh, groin and hamstrings to get your legs loosened up. For the thigh simply pull your leg up behind your back and hold for 10-15 seconds. The groin you will want to put leg up on chair and slightly turn your body to stretch it out for the same 10-15 seconds. The hamstrings all you do is try and touch your toes and hold if you can't touch your toes just go as far as you can and hold for same amount of time as other two stretches.

  2. Your wrist, forearm and shoulder are the next key body parts to stretch for bowling. For the wrist and forearm just lay your palm down on a table and put pressure down on the palm enough to bend wrist and feel pressure in the forearm. Now the shoulder all you have to do is swing and rotate shoulder around in a circular motion to loosen and stretch it out.

  3. The back is the last group of muscles that should be stretched out before beginning your league. Find a chair or something you can lean back and twist around doing so with both the right side and left side. You also can grab onto something with both hands and pull back from chair to stretch the back muscles also.

This is just a little something to get you started and hopefully prevents any injuries that may have occurred in the past. And the last thing for this week is to try and always have fun out there. Check back with for more tips to come.
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