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New Release: Pyramid Dark Path 19.5 Hybrid Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Dark Path 19.5 is long, strong and smooth! Combining the cover from the original Dark Path and the core from the Origin series and Blueprint, you've got one of the best all-around and most versatile balls from Pyramid. The Dark Path 19.5 Hybrid is one of those bowling balls that will allow you to play lots of different parts of the lane and you can feel confident that the reaction will be the same each and every time.

Pyramid Dark Path 19.5. Find Your Dark Side.

The Dark Path 19.5 is the first ever symmetrical hybrid from Pyramid Bowling. Following the success of the original Dark Path, Pyramid marries the same hybrid coverstock in its first symmetrical hybrid.

The GPS Navigational Hybrid Coverstock has proven to be incredibly versatile with great traction through medium-heavy oil conditions. Finishing at 2000 Grit Abralon with no polish provides for maximum predictability.

When it came to finding the perfect core to pair with this coverstock, Pyramid tested everything from newer, unreleased designs to already-proven Pyramid cores. Ultimately, the combination of the GPS Navigational Hybrid Coverstock and the SG 19.5 Symmetric core which is featured in the Pyramid Blueprint was the perfect marriage. This Medium RG/High Differential core allows the ball to read all parts of the lane while providing a strong but predictable hook.

When you encounter difficult lane conditions, you need a ball that will react the same each and every shot. That's exactly what you'll get with the Dark Path 19.5. This may be the most versatile ball in Pyramid Bowling history.

Pyramid technology is the culmination of years of core and coverstock analysis, research, and observation. With ever changing variables within the sport of bowling, (e.g., lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate) this technology allows any bowler, from stroker to two-handed, to achieve peak performance on medium to heavy oil conditions.

The Dark Path 19.5 Hybrid RETIRED LTD OFFER 2024 DEAL is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 202.90.
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