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New Release: Roto Grip Critical Bowling Ball 10/27/2015

Roto Grip Critical:

The Roto Grip Critical is a re-tooled version of one of Roto's greatest bowling balls, the Critical Theory, for today's conditions. The Roto Grip Critical features the Triliptic asymmetric core that was featured in the original Critical Theory, which offers a strong, heavy roll on the backend. Pair that with a new Hybrid coverstock, finished to 3000 grit, and you've got a ball that is extremely familiar but needed in today's landscape. The Critical will offer bowlers good length with a strong, angular, heavy reaction on the back part of the lane.

The Critical Theory was one of the most popular balls in Roto Grip history and it's back in a new form, the Roto Grip Critical bowling ball!

The Triliptic core that was made famous in the Theory line is back! This high flaring core provides a ball reaction that doesn't quit on the backend.

The new addition to the equation is the new 67MH Hybrid coverstock which is finished at 3000 grit with no polish, just like the Critical Theory. This new coverstock will mimic the strong, smooth roll on medium-heavy oil that the Critical Theory provided, only for today's conditions.

The Critical is the perfect combination of old and new which will deal a deadly accurate blow to the pins and the competition.

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Critical:

Oh yes we did. Given the success and admiration of the Critical Theory from back in the day, it was time to bring back the part that provides constant motion no matter how it is drilled. Meaning this one is for anyone and everyone! Now of course today's materials are a little stronger than the past, but don’t worry you will still be in control.

The Critical is currently selling for $129.99 and rates a 195.3.

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