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Focus On Your Bowling 100% Of The Time

By:, 5/8/17

Focus on your bowling 100% of the time, not just when things are going well.

It is easy to pay total attention and concentrate fully if you are winning or if you are bowling extremely well during competition.

What hurts competitive players is giving in to poor shots or poor results and just going through the motions when they know they no longer can win.

If this is your struggle and deep down you know that anger or bad breaks cause you to give up on trying your best each and every shot, then you invite repeat poor performances by “tossing in the towel” as soon as something goes wrong in future competitions.

Be gritty and be committed to trying your very best every time, every shot.

The way around this matter of giving up is to first understand what focus in bowling means and how you can engage in it each time you bowl.

Bowling focus can be defined as a central point, attraction, attention, or activity.

Focus also relates to the distance from a focal point you choose as an aim point.

In short, you can focus both on your physical game strategies and movements and you can emerge yourself in total concentration for the 2 or 3 seconds it take to make an approach and deliver your bowling ball.

Focus also implies renewing your concentration the next time you prepare to make a shot.

Focus in bowling can be thought of as a burst of attention.

Concentration is your involvement in all aspects of your bowling session. This includes how to choose to play the lanes, how you plan to release the ball, where to sight, and the tempo at which you bowl.

A state of concentration surrounds your entire competitive session but becomes intense for a short bit of time when you are actually in the process of bowling.

It is not easy to concentrate fully on the game for two or three hours so take breaks when you are awaiting your next frame to bowl, relax, ponder any strategy you think you need to use, and then when it comes time to bowl, lock in and make one good shot at a time.

Pay attention to changes in the lane conditions while awaiting your next turn to bowl. Adjustments may need needed and/or you may need to make a better shot than the last if you did not achieve the result you wanted. Commitment to adjusting and regaining a reliable ball reaction is a talent developed over time through experience. Giving up or giving in to bad breaks or poor performance does not properly prepare you for future competitions. Focus and make one good shot at a time.


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