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Bowling Posture In Final Steps

By:, Originally Posted: 5/6/17; Updated: 4/27/2023

An athletic bowling posture in final steps leads to balance and consistent releases while sliding into the foul line.

A time tested and proven fundamental in bowling is retaining a good spine angle throughout your slide.

Although it is important to use a well balanced body posture throughout your entire approach, it is especially critical to quality shotmaking to be in an athletic posture with good balance during your final two steps.

The step before your slide is a key to making a balanced slide and to being in position to release your bowling ball at the right time to enter the lane surface on a plane of gradual descent.

Use flexed knees with a slight upper body forward tilt so your shoulders are aligned directly above your knee caps as you enter your step before your slide and then retain that same body posture during your slide step and when releasing your ball.

Eliminate any up and down bouncing leading into your final two steps.

In fact, eliminate any and all wasted motion when bowling. Retaining good posture is a major component of solid body balance.

Another key to good posture in your final two steps is to avoid sudden weight transfers from pushing off of your previous steps thereby thrusting yourself into hurrying your release and slide movements. If you add add a slight bit of flex with each succeeding step so as you enter into your final two steps you are in a solid and stable position to slide and release your ball on time and as intended. Stay in posture on your final steps and swing through your aim point. Hold your form until your ball passes your target on the lane.


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