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Tucking Your Bowling Pinky Finger

Updated 6/18/2020

If you want a slightly more powerful bowling release, then tucking your bowling pinky finger will do the trick.

By tucking your bowling pinky finger where the first knuckle joint on your smallest finger (pinky finger) and your fingernail lies on the surface of the bowling ball, your thumb will exit the ball quickly and your bowling fingers will become more active when turning and applying releasing action onto the bowling ball.

Tucking the pinky finger works best on a full fingertip grip as opposed to the conventional grip. Because your pinky finger is tucked, your bowling fingers are naturally propped toward the palm of your bowling hand which will encourage a pronounced finger action when the thumb exits the ball.

You will likely experience an increased amount of gripping pressure on your bowling fingers which encourages a snappy finger action applied to the ball during the delivery motion.

When the pinky is lying flat and extended on the ball surface, your delivery action occurs more in synchronization with your thumb exiting the ball producing a mild releasing action. This technique serves you well when you wish to apply a bowling ball skid length.

The two key things that happen when you bowl with a tucked pinky finger are a quick thumb exiting the ball and the fingers applying a swifter rotation with a snappier release action.

This livelier releasing action will help you increase your rev-rate slightly and allow the ball to react more quickly on the front part of the lane. This increased rev-rate will certainly be an asset on heavy or medium/heavy oil conditions to prevent your ball skidding too far down the lane.

If you do not use a wrist support device, tucking your bowling pinky finger can and will give you a more powerful release than not tucking the finger. Using a wrist device will also enhance your release action and help your thumb exit the bowling ball quickly.

With some wrist devices, you can tuck the pinky finger if you prefer. Tucking the pinky is not as necessary with a wrist device when your bowling fingers are propped forward by the device.
when using the wrist device, tucking the pinky is certainly an additional option you can implement at your own choosing.

Some practice and experimentation is necessary if you wish to convert to a tucked pinky finger gripping style. staff members typically advise that you consult an experience coach or a certified instructor if you wish to make changes to your delivery style and are unsure how the delivery and gripping changes should be implemented.

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