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**ALL ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 4 PM ET WILL SHIP THE SAME DAY - FREE SHIPPING EVERY ITEM EVERY DAY** has created our own hook rating scale. Because each manufacturer uses a different method for indicating a ball's hook potential, developed a way for the consumer to compare bowling balls across all manufacturers. The result: The Perfect Scale®. Our goal is simply to make it easier for our customers to compare products and feel confident in their purchases.


The Perfect Scale™ ranges from 1 to 300. Polyester/plastic bowling balls with very low hook potential, rate a 5. The highest number achieved on the scale to date is 237.7. As you can see, we've left room for improvement on our scale in anticipation of new technologies that will add additional hook potential. Most manufacturers had been forced to alter their existing scales as their products change.


The Perfect Scale™ uses mathematical formulas along with the manufacturer's current scale to arrive at a uniform and comparable number. The Perfect Scale™ allows you to compare products based on hook potential. When comparing products, make sure to also take into account other factors that can impact the performance of your bowling equipment, such as your bowling ability, additional ball characteristics provided in the ball description, lane conditions at your local bowling center, etc.


The Perfect Scale™ from, is copyrighted and is protected under copyright law. Use of any information concerning our scale is prohibited by law.

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