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Glove/Wrist Support Sizing

Use one of the methods below to find your approximate glove size. Remember, no two hands are alike. Finger length relative to the palm size is not constant form person to person. Additionally, what constitutes a comfortable fit can vary considerably between individuals. using one of the methods below will help you to find an approximate glove size, but no method can substitute for actually trying them on.


Using the Sizing Guide

Print out this page and place your right hand as shown, with your index finger against the black line. The measurement that follows the right side of your hand is your approximate glove size. This is a general guide only.


Using a Tape Measure and the Sizing Guide (more accurate)

Wrap a tape measure around your hand at the widest point (usually the knuckles) and make a loose fist. Note that measurement, round it to the nearest inch and refer to the chart below to find your approximate glove size.