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If you are looking to request bowling ball specifications, it is simple here at guarantees specs within 1/2" for Pin and 1/2oz for Top Weight. Gross weight guarantee will be within 3oz. *We do not guarantee Pin/CG/Mass Bias alignment on asymmetrical core bowling balls. Here is a set of simple instructions starting from the point of selecting your ball to adding specs to help you make your request:

Option 1

Below the drop down boxes for weight/size and other options, there is a link that reads "PRODUCT SPECIFIC REQUESTS" Click on this link to open the dialog box for specifications.

Option 2

During the checkout process you may enter your specifications in the "Customer Notes" box. (Label for which ball if multiple specifications on multiple bowling balls ordered.) Once you finish entering your bowling ball specifications you may continue through the order placement process. The specifications you chose will be included on your order so we know what you desire for you bowling ball.