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Storm Overseas Release Virtual Gravity XG Pro CG 

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Overseas Release Virtual Gravity XG Pro CG Specs

Product ID 10210 Brand Storm
RG 2.48 Finish Polished
Ball Color Silver/Raspberry/Navy Lane Condition Medium-Heavy
Coverstock Reactive Resin Ball Quality First Quality
Factory Finish 1500 grit Polish Coverstock Name R2S Gen4 Pearl Reactive
Core Name Shape-Lock HD Core Differential 0.052
Durometer 73-75 Flare Potential 6" Plus (High)
Fragrance Raspberry Core Type Asymmetric
Performance Pro Performance[10] Storm Product Line Premier
Originally Sold For: $169.99

This product (10210) is not available

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In order to design a high performance reactive ball, we chose an R2S base material and amped it up with our pearl Generation 4 mixture that floats easily in the oil and really grips the drier backends. The coverstock ensures a strong backend reaction when matched up with the right core. Should we have utilized a more stable core, like the N.O.S. Core found in the Frantic, you would see a smoother backend. But we??™re not talking smooth here! The Virtual Gravity XG was designed to be muscular and aggressive. So we poured our R2S Gen4 cover around the famous Shape-Lock™ HD Core which has a strong preferred spin axis to help you see a fast transition at the break point. Looking for that “hockey stick” type of reaction, the straight skid-flip? The Virtual Gravity XG will rip back to the pocket!

Storm "Pro CG" Technology

PRO-CG: A Pro-CG is where the CG ends up a certain distance left or right of the Pin and PSA (preferred spin axis). If you draw a line from the PIN to the PSA on average the CG would need to be 2 ½” or more from that line. That distance will vary depending on if the CG was to the right or left. Although still categorized as a first quality ball it has limited drill options (see our Pro-CG Drilling Options) that requires a certain type of layout. Please consult your pro shop professional before purchasing one of these balls. How or why is a Pro-CG manufactured? A pro-cg is created during the manufacturing process. When the pin area is being drilled the core can slightly shift. When the weight block shifts just a small amount (1/16 - 1/32) it pulls the CG off the Y axis towards the Z axis. This is why on some balls you will notice the CG is a far distance away from the Pin to PSA line. These small shifts do not affect the reaction or quality of the product, but it can limit the drilling options. Therefore we offer a different set of drilling instructions and mark them as Pro CG's. How much does the CG matter? The CG is the least of your worries when trying to match up a bowling ball to a bowler for their desired reaction. To learn more about how the CG's relevance and other factors when determining ball reaction, see our chart below provided by the U.S.B.C. Please also visit and read some of their more recent articles on ball motion studies. (The U.S.B.C. is an independent organization with a common goal to protect the sport of bowling).

Overseas Release Virtual Gravity XG Pro CG Videos

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