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Turbo 2-N-1 Grips Classic Pro Finger Inserts 

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Classic Pro Finger Inserts Specs

Product ID 12903 Brand Turbo 2-N-1 Grips
Accessory Mfg Part # QCP Accessory Type Finger / Thumb Inserts
Adjustable Settings No    
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Classic Pro Finger Inserts
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The Classic Turbo finger insert style with a new firm texture.

A comfortable and properly fitted grip is essential to a good release. In addition to adding to your enjoyment of the game and preventing sport injury, a properly fit grip can add revolutions, create more ball speed and make the ball feel lighter. Adding finger inserts to your equipment will also give you consistent feel when using a variety of different bowling balls.

Turbo 2-N-1 Grips offers the greatest selection of styles, textures, sizes and colors to ensure you get the fit and feel that's right for you.

Classic Style Combo: Perfect Oval & Power Regular Perfect Oval

The Perfect Oval is designed as a true, milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit.

The Power Regular has 1/4" forward pitch increasing the loft and length of release through the target. The finger pad has a flat edge and smooth surface for a sharp, clean feel.

Classic Pro finger inserts have the standard 31/32" outer diameter in sizes 19/32"-13/16" and a 1-1/32" outer diameter in larger sizes.

The manner in which insert sizes are listed differs between brands. Turbo marks the outside of the insert with the first number of the size of the insert. For example, 11 for 11/16 or size 4.

Please follow the charts below in order to find your correct insert size.

For Turbo Grips, if the outside of your insert says:

19 choose 01-19/32

39 choose 015-39/64

5 choose 02-5/8

41 choose 025-41/64

21 choose 03-21/32

43 choose 035-43/64

11 choose 04-11/16

45 choose 045-45/64

23 choose 05-23/32

47 choose 055-47/64

3 choose 06-3/4

49 choose 065-49/64

25 choose 07-25/32

51 choose 075-51/64

13 choose 08-13/16

53 choose 085-53/64

27 choose 09-27/32

7 choose 10-7/8

29 choose11-29/32

For Vise Inserts, if the outside of your insert says:

1 choose 01-19/32

1 1/2 choose 015-39/64

2 choose 02-5/8

2 1/2 choose 025-41/64

3 choose 03-21/32

3 1/2 choose 035-43/64

4 choose 04-11/16

4 1/2 choose 045-45/64

5 choose 05-23/32

5 1/2 choose 055-47/64

6 choose 06-3/4

6 1/2 choose 065-49/64

7 choose 07-25/32

7 1/2 choose 075-51/64

8 choose 08-13/16

8 1/2 choose 085-53/64

9 choose 09-27/32

10 choose 10-7/8

11 choose 11-29/32


Classic Pro Finger Inserts Videos

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