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Abralon Pads 7 Pack (1 of Each Grit) Specs

Product ID 8176 Brand

Abralon Pad 3000 Grit Specs

Product ID 10238 Brand
Accessory Type Ball Care Tools Release Date 03/20/2012

Abralon Pad 180 Grit Specs

Product ID 8170 Brand
Accessory Type Ball Care Tools    

Abralon Pad 360 Grit Specs

Product ID 8171 Brand
Accessory Type Ball Care Tools    

Abralon Pad 500 Grit Specs

Product ID 8172 Brand
Accessory Mfg Part # EQUIP075 Accessory Type Ball Care Tools

Abralon Pad 1000 Grit Specs

Product ID 8173 Brand
Accessory Type Ball Care Tools    

Abralon Pad 2000 Grit Specs

Product ID 8174 Brand
Accessory Type Ball Care Tools    

Abralon Pad 4000 Grit Specs

Product ID 8175 Brand
Accessory Mfg Part # EQUIP078 Accessory Type Ball Care Tools
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Abralon Pad 3000 Grit(Qty: 1)
Abralon Pad 2000 Grit(Qty: 1)
Abralon Pad 1000 Grit(Qty: 1)
Abralon Pad 500 Grit(Qty: 1)
Abralon Pad 360 Grit(Qty: 1)
Abralon Pad 180 Grit(Qty: 1)
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Now it's possible to get the most aggressive surface texture without that "cheese grater" look. Abralon sanding pads use silicon carbide particles that are precision sifted to a consistent grain size, then bonded evenly to a six-inch round fabric face for the most even scratch pattern available.
This combo includes one pad of each grit (180, 360, 500, 1000, 2000,3000 and 4000)

  • Cosmetically appealing, consistent scratch pattern provides excellent traction

  • Combines the benefits of abrasive cloth and non-woven products

  • Opening in the fabric allows water to flow freely around the abrasive

  • Resists "caking"

  • Foam center holds large amounts of water for lubrication and cooling

  • Solid surface and foam backing provide even surface pressure

  • Last 5+ times longer than sandpaper

  • Use wet or dry (residual material can be removed by high pressure air)

  • P180 for deepest scratches

  • P360 for deep scratches

  • P500 for medium scratches

  • P1000 to return to Ebonite factory sanded finish

  • P2000 for a mild luster with texture underneath

  • P3000 for a medium luster with light texture underneath

  • P4000 for a high luster with smooth texture Ball Reaction Video Preview

  • Pyramid Bowling