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DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT TECHNIQUE™ - Introduction to Dual Angle Layouts

The DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT TECHNIQUE™, developed by MoRich, provides the ball driller with an easy, effective and accurate method of choosing the best layout to match every bowler to every lane condition.
This technique is comprised of three components:

1. The Drilling Angle
2. Pin to Positive Axis Point (PAP) distance
3. The Angle between the Pin to PAP line and the VAL (Angle to the VAL)


The following statement is rather important so please read it a few times.


The DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT TECHNIQUE™ works accurately for ALL bowling balls with the pin out at least 1½".  

It is also effective for balls with symmetrical or asymmetrical cores.

"... a 10°drilling, pin 4" from the PAP, 20° to the VAL"

"... a 90°drilling, pin 5" from the PAP, 70° to the VAL"


Think the following new lingo makes sense? Hopefully it will after we're finished.






1 - Introduction to Dual Angle Layouts

2 - Core Comparisons (Asymmetrical/Symmetrical)

3 - Reasons for Drilling Angles

4 - Pin/PAP Distance Information

5 - Track Flare Information

6 - Reasons for Angle to VAL

7 - Layout Method (Part One)

8 - Layout Method (Part Two)

9 -  Layout Method (Part Three)