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Watch Your Bowling Ball Travel, Originally Posted: 3/6/2014; Updated: 1/14/2023

There are a few keys to knowing your ball reaction which can lead you to sensible adjustments when needed.
One key is to watch your bowling ball travel. Knowing precisely how your ball reacts when moving down the lane can signal you when and if adjustments are needed depending on where the ball impacts the pins.
Pay more attention to watching your ball travel than worrying about the pins falling.
It is surprising how often bowlers take their eyes off of their bowling ball, and their spot on the lane, because they think too hard about the mechanics of their game or worry about pinfall.
Here are a few keys in watching your ball carefully:
1. When releasing your ball, take note of your delivery angle toward your spot on the lane.
2. Have you released your ball with a normal degree of axis tilt?
3. Zoom in on your ball as it passes over, or near your spot on the lane.
4. Watch precisely where your bowling ball transitions (hooks) from the skid phase to the hook phase of motion in the beginning portion of the mid-lane.
5. Watch your ball make a 2nd transition by hooking again at the breakpoint located at the beginning portion of the back end of the lane.
6. Watch your ball roll toward the pins from the breakpoint until impact with the pins.
7. Watch the ball roll completely off of the pin deck and make note of the pin action you get based on where your ball impacted the pins, pocket or otherwise.
Watching your ball carefully on its journey down the lane sends valuable feedback for reading the lanes effectively.

“Reading the lanes” effectively if an important part of the alignment and adjustment process.
If you peek by looking up when delivering your ball and taking your eyes off of your spot, you miss the opportunity to understand your ball reaction and then make a sensible adjustment.
Focus on keeping your eyes on your ball the entire distance it travels down the lane.
Success in bowling comes from inputting good information into your brain so your brain can signal your body which strategies and techniques will best serve your game.
Keep your eye on the ball.
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