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Using A Bowling Stroker Delivery Technique

Are you using a bowling “stroker” delivery technique? This style is among the most commonly used delivery styles in the game and is used by competitive players throughout the world.
The stroker style has been a common type of delivery used by players ranging from professionals, amateurs, internationals, and youth players for many years.
Although the game has witnessed the growth of “power players” who generate a great deal of hook with a strong release generating a high rate of revolutions on the bowling ball, the number of stroker players who deliver the ball with a modest amount of revs and with a very slight hook on the back end of the lane still remains plentiful and formidable.
If you use the “stroker” delivery style, you fit in the category between the power stroker and straight player delivery styles. Your type of delivery creates little rev-rate with a small axis tilt generated at the moment of release.
A stroker delivery style is versatile on many types of conditions and from most angles in playing the lanes, but specialize in playing the up-the-boards angles of delivery.
As a stroker bowler, you use a relatively straight wrist position or perhaps a slightly tilted-back wrist position. Your bowling thumb exits the bowling ball slightly before your bowling fingers.
This delivery style applies a mild rotating action initiating from behind the ball (or from on the side of the ball) the equivalent of one or two inches of rotation by your bowling fingers toward the side of the ball.

If you use a stroker delivery style, you produce a small bowling ball hook-motion, most noticeably from the break-point to impact with the pins. This hook-motion can range in measurement from 3 to 4 degrees angle of entry into the pocket.
The stroker release is a very common release among top amateur players because it produces a controllable yet effective bowling ball motion used to control the break point and produce a high percentage of pocket hits and spare conversions.
As a stroker type player, you can become extremely accurate in hitting your mark on the lane and hitting the pocket consistently. Although the power players produce a stronger ball reaction and a greater impact on the pins, your style will be versatile on most lane conditions and can be an effective way to bowl well over long periods of time.
Avoid the urge to try and get more revs and produce more ball hook. Instead, be as good as you can become as a stroker type player, work on your physical game skills. Work on making consistent shots at regulated ball speed, use your bowling balls to your advantage, and learn the art of making good decisions in playing the lanes. If you do, you will stroke your way to success in competition.